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Skyring Marine staff has had the opportunity to participate in a significant amount of professional diving operations in Chile. The company has participated in complex dives, using equipment of the latest technology. In order to acomplish the job in a safe and efficient manner, Skyring Marine uses different types of equipment depending on the conditions required for the job.

For deep dives, the gear and personel of Marine Skyring is authorized by the Maritime Authority of Chile, to conduct dives up to 100 m using mixed gas operations and Hard Hats or Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

Analyzers, boosters and compresors are integral part of the equipment required for such tasks.

When tasks require interventions in chemically or biologically contaminated media, the company wons certified isolated equipment in order to safely dive under these conditions.

In asociation with the Leading Company in Chile with regard to technical diving, SubPacific, periodic technical dives using gases such as trimix, nitrox and oxygen take place as a part of our training, reaching long exposures by taking advantage of closed circuit rebreathers.

For surface supplied diving operations, such as inspections, dredging or filming, to check integrity of ship’s hulls, to recover submerged objetcs or simply for underwater filming, the company has gases panels, consoles, communications, facial masks and umbilical according to the rules of diving DGTM, having logged several hunded hours of dives without incidents to regreat.

Experience and a brief description of some of the projects involved:


· Search and recovery of a lost plane at sea in Juan Fernandez Island. Recovery of remains of plane. September—November 2011.


· Mooring System Deployment in Maritime Terminal San Vicente. Ultragas May 2011.


· U/W survey and clearing of pipelines of treated waters of paper mill Company Arauco. February 2011.


· Survey and reparation of air injectors of bioreactor of water treatment plant, Aguas Andinas. June 2010.


· Recovery of Dresden’s Bell. Arqaeologishes Landesamnt Shcleswig-Holstein. February 2006.